he high-stress environments of military, marine, petroleum-exploration, mining, and heavy industrial demand robust, unfailing solutions and products. Ward Leonard has been partnering with demanding clients for more than a 100 years, moving quickly to adapt new technologies for new requirements and providing service without match.

Ward Leonard designs motors, relays, contactors, controllers, communications controllers, and specialized electronic switches and instruments. Common and uncommon products are in stock or available quickly from existing parts that can be assembled onsite.
Ward Leonard designs, engineers, manufactures and tests new MG sets and secondary propulsion motors (SPM's) for custom applications and overhaul/refurbish systems currently installed on the fleet.
Ward Leonard design and manufacturing engineers will develop motors to meet your unique requirements; Fractional to 2000 HP / NEMA 48-505 frame sizes / AC and DC designs / Manufactured to NEMA, IEEE, MTBA, MIL-M-17059, MIL-M-17060, MIL-P-17840 standards.
Multiple product lines, including Ward Leonard and General Electric-style naval CONTROLLERS and CONTROL COMPONENTS, are available based upon size, weight, or other customer-driven specifications.
Ward Leonard Automatic Bus TRANSFER (ABT) SWITCHES provide for automatic or manual transfer of three phase AC loads in cases where a low voltage or no voltage event occurs on a power supply. Our ABTs transfer the load from the emergency bus to the normal bus automatically or manually, depending on your unique requirements. The Ward Leonard ABT product line has options from that range from 50-Amp to 600-Amp loads.
Our indicator lights are incandescent or light-emitting diode (LED) and handle voltages from 117V to 440V AC or DC. INDICATOR LIGHTS are available with red, green, amber, blue, white and clear color lenses as well as flashing lamps and watertight units.